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by Sydney on Blank Business Name
Terrifyingly great

First, these people are SO great. They're so helpful and they all just want you to have a great time. Second, this place is awesome! They have a scare around every corner. Even things you wouldn't expect! There is so many different things that makes this place worth every penny you spend on it. Each and every room has it's own character and an extreme amount of gory detail that makes you cringe. It will be hard to top this place! If you think this place is scary during the day (I went during the day, before they were even open to get an extra look through each room), then you'll have a blast during the night. I recommend this place to ANYONE looking for a scare and a fun night!

Can we all say YEA!!!!!!!!?

I have been doing haunted houses for ever now and usually make an entire day out of it. The best one that I ever went to was the one in Adrian called "The Haunting," unfortunately, that one no longer exists but this one sure does take it's place. I recommend this one to any one who loves going to haunted houses!


Best haunted house, scary & fun. Better than Erebus for sure! I've recommended it to all of my friends! We've gone every year, more than one time!

Best Haunt In Michigan

This place is awesome. Definitely a must for any haunted house enthusiast. I will be coming back every year.

CHRIS said:
Last year i went through the haunted house, it was so scary and fun. one of the best haunted houses i have ever been to. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for this year!

CINDY said:
We miss the Homer Mill, but this place is really awesome! The new props in this haunt are amazing, and truly scary. It also helps that there are real ghosts hiding out in this building as well. If you’re looking for a scare, this is the place to come!

FRED said:
Can’t wait for underworld to open. Went last year and loved it! Cool props and the undead are awesome!!


JUDY said:
Very excited to check out your haunted house. My husband and I love traveling to find the truly good haunted houses. This one looks good. Also planning on seeing one in Pontiac this year at the realm of darkness that one looks good too. Went to Flint last…

DYLAN said:
awesome it scared the crap out of me it was the best haunted house ever sooooooo scary.

This place was super fun, I just went there with my friends, everyone is so friendly & the teen night club was awesome & the haunted house was GREAT! I really hope I can go again!!

KATIE said:
I went to the Underworld last night and I absolutely loved it! It’s one of the best haunted houses ive ever been to! Everyone who loves a great scare should go here!!

FRED said:
I went last weekend. It was awesome!! That crazy hillbilly scared me and made me laugh at the same time. Had a blast coming back with friends.

AMANDA said:
Every hallway seemed scarier than previous hallways. I went early in the year and thought it might be not as scary, but it was terrifying. I feel like I got a great deal only paying 15 dollars, but would have been happy to pay 20! I also thought I didn’t…

CINDY said:
I went tonight with my daughter. This was the scariest haunted house I have ever been through! Very very good! I had a sore throat from screaming when we were done. If you like haunted houses you will LOVE this one!

JILL said:
The Underworld has been, by far, the best Haunted Attraction I have been to. My friend and I were screaming the whole way, trying not to pee our pants! Well worth the money. We are already planning another trip with our friends. If you want to get the

PAMELA said:
Great haunted house….I have been to many all over the country…This one will remain a blast of a memory!! Good laughs, screams and fun. Thanks for the Great Time from Cincinnati 🙂

This was an awesome experience! The scariest haunted house I have been to in years. This one was actually worth the admission! HAPPY HALLOWEEN

EMILY said:
went last night it was sooo scary, especially the props were awesome, and the real ghosts there made it soo cool, i loved it!!!!! 🙂

JULIA said:
I’m scared now!


The place was great 🙂 Last prisoner was best!

DEANNA P. said:
My family and I came to this haunted house when we arrived Freddy came out and chased me and my brother he looked just like it. We came with my two cousins Tessy and Tara my auntie Chris and my brother DeMonte and me DeAnna.

it was very scary I did not think I was gonna make it to the end

The best haunted house I have been to so far. I’ve never had so much fun being so scared!

TOM SZ said:
sooo freaking amazing was such a good time well worth the money had my girl friend screaming the entire time!

HALEY said:
JX underworld was the best haunted house ever thank you hahahaha it was so fun but very scary i peed my pants lol

SHEILA P said:
OMG! Just got back from “Jackson’s Underworld! Everybody must experience the haunted house in Jackson! The best haunted house we’ve seen in the area in ages; maybe 20 year. It was pricey, $20 & you know I was complaining, it was well worth it and I

Just went to Jackson’s Underworld last night. drove two hours from Grand Rapids but it was worth it.I really like the guy who broke out of character then remembered and told my friend and I to scream. I had a great time and will definitely come back next year.

Drove a little over an hour to get there and i have to say this is definitely one of my top favorite haunted houses. Awesome props, original rooms, good actors, cool building. I absolutely loved it and will definitely be going to it next year again.

AET, ECN, KVN said:
Very, very impressive! Closest to actually being in a horror film I ever want to get. Really imaginative scenes and effects, convincing actors and lots of attention to detail… genuinely not for the faint hearted! Good luck sleeping at night if you go!

JR said:
Whoa! Don’t go unless you planned to be scared! My teenage kids begged me to go. I had a great time, but they had to be escorted out because they couldn’t handle it and got too scared. The car ride home was so very quiet as they were in shock for over an hour.

AMBER said:
this is the scariest house ever me and my friend just got back people follow you until they trap you in a corner and than another person pops out we ran half the way and even then it took us about 40-50 minutes best ever

Troop 144 makes a plan to go here every year as a group, and every year it gets better and better. it made my day to see our youngest member laughing, when one of our oldest kids was screaming like a girl! great job guys and we will see you next year!

JAMES G. said:
OMG !!! When we first walked in I really didn’t know what to expect. This was my 1st time @ a real haunted house. I have to say that although I wasn’t scared I might have jumped a bit. Watching my wife and kids reactions, priceless. Just when you

ALMA said:
I came here for my birthday. On Friday the 22. I was sooo freaked out but my friends held me all the way through. I enjoyed it very much (and im not a scary fan) My favorite part was going through the tunnel that turned and messed with my head.

ERIN said:
My girlfriend and I went last weekend and it was the best haunted house we have been to! Special effects and props were amazing. We will definitely be going again next year!

JACKIE said:
Jacksons Underworld was the best Haunted House I have ever been too….I thought I was going to be able to be tough and handle being scared but I guess I was wrong….Lol

NIKKI said:
Sooo scary! The scarers in this place are awesome! They just pop out of nowhere! And the make up and costumes look so real. Can’t describe all the different props in the place. One room is completely white with strobe lights and sheets, you have to find…

HYDEE said:
My fiance and I went & I cried at one point it was so scary! Best haunted house ever! Its going to be hard to find one better then this one!